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Poet, Novelist, and Social Worker

Author of two published books of poetry and a novel-in-progress.

The novel, The Corridor, is a story inspired by the author's years as a community organizer in Detroit during the 1980s.



The Corridor


The Corridor, is a novel about a hot-tempered young idealist, Aaron Dalton, who battles drug dealers and slumlords on the dangerous streets of 1980’s Detroit. Attached is a short synopsis of The Corridor, a story that will appeal to readers of urban stories with an historical focus on the struggles of rust belt big cities and the extraordinary people who persevered in trying to save their communities and themselves.

Poetry Book

Social Work and Other Myths

Published 2019

A poetry collection that seeks to give voice to the struggles and triumphs of the marginalized and oppressed.  



More Work

A collection of work over the years

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