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Animated Poem

Morning Song

A Refugee Song

An animated poem of the author's self-imposed exile in Canada 

Morning Song
A Refugee’s Story

Written & Narrated by Doug Smith

Animated & Edited by Geoffrey Smith-Woollams 

the yodel of a loon lingered

and for a time drowned out

the wheeze of a bad dream

still stuck in my throat


I kicked off my blankets and pulled back

the blinds enough to see a wedge

of the horizon through the trees


low hanging clouds the color of sparrows

smeared the sky with questions


rains had moved east across the lake

into a birch forest, to lonely ponds

and beaver dams, where echo’s

of frogs crowded the boggy air


past the trapper’s old log cabin

smothered by thickets, soggy

smelling of mold, bird’s nests

dotted the roof, inside bats hung

from rafters listening

for the wing-beats of mosquitoes


years later when I bring my wife

and kids down this memory

of a path, crashing through brush

with our fishing rods, canoes

and coolers stuffed with beer,

pop, and sandwiches


after we have brushed off

the twigs and black flies

from our sweaty necks and faces

after we have pushed off

onto the sleepy black water

after my first cast splashes safely

near the fallen pines

rotting along the shoreline


will I still be running away from America?

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